Batten Theory

Drafts and Bends


DRAFT RATIO: The total batten length “A” is measured and 10% of the length becomes “B” distance and tangent line. The batten is pushed from the leech end until the highest arc meets the tangent line, then distance “C” is recorded. (see figure A) A= Total batten length, B= 10% of batten length, C= Distance of Apex % of Draft Ratio = C/Ax100

BEND WEIGHT: The batten is pushed downward from the leech end until an approximate 10% of the batten length is determined. The force is measured from the scale. This can either be in pounds or kilograms. (see figure B.)

MCS: The aft section of the batten is span over a meter with a 4 kg weight hung at center. Then simply measure deflection. (see figure C.)